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Early Stage is a weekly Substack for early stage startups, written by the team at Lynx Collective. Our mission is to help founders & early teams with resources and community to help them succeed in their journey. In this newsletter we write original insights & opinions, post resources & advice, and share our upcoming events/workshops.

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About Lynx Collective

Lynx Collective’s mission is to empower and advance the NYC startup ecosystem. We foster connections through our programming, educate founders via our weekly newsletter, invest in ambitious startups both as angel investors and through the NextWave NYC fund and provide guidance through our advisory work.

About Us

We are a husband-and-wife team working together on a shared mission to help founders get a stronger start with the support of a community. Before this, we have founded, grown, led & invested in multiple $1B+ startups & funds. After 20 years in the startup/tech world, we are bringing our knowledge and experience to those just starting their startup journey.

Dorothy most recently served as President of Kode With Klossy, bringing the power of coding to thousands of female, gender non-conforming & trans teens around the world. Before that, she spent her career as a communications executive, marketer & investor, supporting startup tech brands and visionaries - including Foursquare, Paxos, WordPress, GroupMe and many more. She was a founding partner at venture firm Liberty City Ventures and the first woman to raise a fund focused on blockchain startups. Dorothy invests in startups as an angel investor and through NextWave NYC

Andrew has spent the last 20 years in the startup/tech industry. Most recently he was the COO of Paxos where helped bring the company from its earliest stages to reaching a series D multi-billion dollar valuation with 250 employees. He’s served in a wide variety of leadership roles at big and small tech companies such as Google, TechStars, Morgan Stanley and countless failed startups. Andrew invests in startups as an angel investor.

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Co-Founder, Lynx Collective. I am an investor, operating executive, entrepreneur, advisor, and problem solver. I’ve spent my career at the leading edge of tech—working in crypto, blockchain, video, and adtech.
co-founder of Lynx Collective. Former founder, executive, marketer & investor in $1B+ startups & funds. Believer in big dreams.